BD Engineering

3D Scanning and Engineering Services in California

3D Scanning

Whether your object is as small as bracelet, or as large as a freight train, we can meet your needs.

We have locations in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, available to travel as well!

Up to 0.1mm point accuracy

Up to 0.2mm resolution

Max object volume 160,000 cm³

Reverse Engineering

Need to extract reference geometry? Want a fully surfaced .step file?

We have a team of reverse engineering specialists ready to assist you with your project.

Reference geometry extraction

Surface reconstruction

Full object reverse engineering

QC Reporting

Rotary Iron Reverse Engineering

Engineering Design Services

We can help you design your product and take it to production.

Leverage our team of engineers and specialists to make your concept come to life.

Product design

Rapid prototyping

Design for manufacturing

Product lifecycle management

  • Large Format 3D Printing

    Recognized as a direct technical partner to Modix3D, our fleet of large format printers can quickly prototype parts 6 feet and even larger.

  • CNC Machining

    Whether its 3-axis or 5-axis parts, we have partners domestically and overseas that can quickly and efficiently produce the parts you need.

  • Composite Molds

    Let our mold engineering specialists help make your composite dreams a reality. We can manufacture aluminum, fiberglass, LDP or 3D printed molds depending on your application.

  • Injection Molding

    Want to go large scale? We can design your product to be injection molded and let our team of overseas negotiatiors get your design into production while protecting your IP.

  • Sheet Metal

    Don't let your sheet metal dreams be dreams. Our team of engineers can cut, bend and weld their way to your heart.

  • PCB Design

    Are your needs of an electrical nature? We can help with that too! Our engineers can design, prototype, program your PCB and send it off for production.

  • Vehicle Simulation

    Building a race car? We have world class vehicle simulation engineers who can validate and optimize your designs.

  • Composites Manufacturing

    We offer in-house and overseas composite manufacturing facilities that can be best adapted to cater to your individual needs.

  • Vacuum Forming

    A low cost alternative for plastic manufacturing, we have extensive experience designing and producing vacuum forming molds and fixtures.

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