Toyota Supra A90 3D Scan

Our Process

At BD Engineering, our mission is to bring your ideas to life through advanced 3D scanning and reverse engineering. We provide an innovative and comprehensive approach to transforming physical objects into high-quality digital models. Here's a brief look at our process.

Cutting-Edge 3D Scanning

To begin, we employ the industry-leading Artec Leo 3D scanners. Known for their superb accuracy and detail, these scanners ensure the highest level of fidelity to the original design. We pride ourselves on our world-class scanning capabilities and our partnership with Artec, a testimony to our commitment to the highest standards of scanning technology. Our collaborations often result in case studies that serve as a testament to our technical prowess and innovative applications of 3D scanning.

Comprehensive Reverse Engineering

Beyond scanning, we delve into the intricate world of reverse engineering. Our team has the ability to completely disassemble your object and conduct a process we call "layered" scanning. This involves scanning the parts while they're still in position, then separately once disassembled, ensuring that we can perfectly reconstruct the object and account for the "alignment error" that occurs when the object is assembled.

Toyota GR Corolla Intercooler 3D Scan

Sophisticated Texture Mapping

For projects that require textures, our experts can perform texture mapping using the data captured with our Artec Leo to give your model a realistic feel. If your project requires an even higher level of detail, we offer Photogrammetric Texture Mapping for photo-realistic textures, delivering the utmost in texture quality.

Textured Polaris RZR XP Turbo 3D Scan

Customizable Deliverables

Once the scanning and processing phases are complete, we'll provide you with the digital output in the format that suits your requirements. Our base service will deliver meshes in .stl/.obj format. In addition, we will include free reverse engineering of a couple of basic primitives (hole locations, planes, etc) to get you started in your project. If you require more comprehensive reverse engineering, for an additional fee, we can provide a complete reconstruction and deliver a .step file. This gives you the flexibility and control to use your 3D model as you see fit, whether that's for product development, quality control, or any other application.

Mazda 20B Lower Intake Manifold 3D Scan and Reverse Engineered Model

Turnkey Engineering Design Services

For clients seeking a full-service solution, we offer turnkey engineering design services that cover every stage of the engineering cycle. With this offering, we can take your project from initial scanning and reverse engineering all the way through to managing your product's lifecycle.

Our team has deep expertise across a wide range of processes. Whether your project calls for CNC machining, injection molding, composites, sheet metal, or other manufacturing methods, we have the skills and knowledge to deliver the best solution.

Nissan S13 "GT-R" Grille Engineering Process