Illumaesthetic Subaru Bumper

Illumaesthetic Subaru Bumper


The key to any good project is good data. We scan the vehicle in up to 5 different configurations of assembly to ensure all the data necessary for the project is captured. This is done via our Artec Leo and Eva 3D scanners we carry in-house, requiring no need for reflective markers to be placed, saving time.


Once the scans are processed, our designand workflow can involve up to 3-4 separate design software packages, takingadvantage of each program’s strengths. We test print sections of the bumper before committing to the full scale model to ensure fitment is as precise as possible and any prior adjustments canbe made.

All our parts are 3D printed in-house, toguarantee fitment before being sent offfor tooling to be made. Additional partscan be made in raw 3D print for earlymotorsport or media usage. We use a variety of materials depending on theuse-case, including PLA, ABS, PETG, ASA.Show in this display is an example of a prototype bumper with paint, made of PETG or ASA.


Fiberglass parts are made in-house inour southern California facility, utilizingdrift-proven fiberglass epoxy resin, which produces some extremely flexibleparts - ensuring durability and quality. Technology courtesy of Big Duck Club.

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