Illumaesthetic Subaru Bumper

Illumaesthetic Subaru Bumper

Revolutionize Automotive Design: 3D Scanning for Precision and Performance

The cornerstone of any successful project lies in meticulous data acquisition. Our process begins with comprehensive vehicle scanning conducted in up to five distinct assembly configurations, ensuring the capture of all requisite data. Leveraging our in-house Artec Leo and Eva 3D scanners, we eschew the need for reflective markers, thereby optimizing efficiency.

From Concept to Creation: The Power of 3D Printing in Automotive Design

Following the scanning phase, our design and workflow seamlessly integrate multiple software packages, each selected for its unique strengths. To guarantee precision, we employ a methodical approach, test printing bumper sections before progressing to full-scale models, facilitating meticulous fitment adjustments.

Within our facilities, all parts undergo in-house 3D printing to validate fitment prior to tooling fabrication. For early-stage applications in motorsport or media, raw 3D prints can be produced. Our material selection, ranging from PLA to ABS, PETG, and ASA, is tailored to specific use cases, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

Next-Level Engineering: Composite Production Solutions for Automotive Innovation

Our fiberglass parts are meticulously crafted in our Southern California facility, utilizing drift-proven fiberglass epoxy resin for exceptional flexibility and durability. This quality assurance process is further enhanced through our partnership with Big Duck Club, ensuring the incorporation of cutting-edge technology.

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